The Perfect Brand Workshop

Clarify your brand

Tell your story. Decode your marketing. Grow your business.

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Is your marketing stuck in neutral?

Confused about your brand?

Is the market clear about who you are and what your brand represents? Are you?

Have trouble telling your story?

Is it hard for you and your colleagues to explain what you do and why?

Are you marketing? Or guessing?

Is your marketing strategy crystal clear? Or more crystal ball?

The Perfect Brand Workshop is for companies who sell with their story.

Yup. That’s you. Every company sells with a story. It’s not just Apple and Nike, the power of story is everywhere. Peloton used the story of connection to turn an exercise bike into a global movement. YETI used their own “portable stories” to create a billion dollar cooler brand in a commodity market. (Nobody had a cooler problem, but a lot of people had a story problem.) How well do you know your brand’s story? How well do you tell that story? Does it get told to the people who care? And most importantly, does that story spread?

Fortune 500

You’re publicly traded, but you’re launching a new division, product, service, or campaign. It needs to work the first time, so it’s critical to get the story right. 


You’ve grown to 8 to 10-figures in revenue. But with growth comes fragmentation. You need to tell a consistent brand story and execute a clear marketing strategy.


Every startup needs two stories. The first, for customers, to create growth. And then you need to tell that growth story to investors, for funding. Let’s nail both. 


You need to raise funding. But people don’t donate because of non-profits, or even causes. They donate because they believe in your story. How well are you telling yours?